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Runeclan~ - Shining Magic

PBS- Played By ShiverStar
PBR- Played By Rockheart
MTW- Most Trusted Warrior
SW- Senior Warrior

*Growls*What are you doing on our territory?! Oh...right your the newcomer. If you dont already know,whch you should by now-this is Runeclan.The strongest clan who is not weak like those other clans.We stand up for our beliefs and are proud to call us Runeclan cats!Our camp lies in the middle of a sandy gulley completely shrouded by pine trees.It as an ideal spot to live-and if you even think about trespassing,think again!
Do you think you have what it takes to be one of us? *Hisses* Then prove it!

Leader~ShiverStar- Handsome Brown Tabby Tom With Golden Eyes & Faint Black Stripes. Cold And Heartless, Hates Everyone Outside His Clan. He'll Kill ANYONE Who Dares To Betray Him, Or Harm His Clan. When He Was A Kit, His Mother Killed His Siblings And Almost Killed Him, Too. His Father Took Him Away, But His Mother Hunted Them Down And Killed His Father. He Sprinted Away During The Fight And Came To RuneClan. He was TwistedVine's best friend, and now believes Twilightkit is CrookedStep & TwistedVine's son...(Daymoon) SW, PBS

Rockheart~black cat whom loves to fight.Has the shape of a
heart on her chest and was born in Bloodclan.Her mother was killed by her dad, Scourge.No mate.Eyes of jade blue with memorizing entrancement that are undoubetly impossible to NOT fall in love with.(Rockheart95)

Medicine Cat~
Silverwish~Gorgeous silver she-cat with blue eyes and paws.Very gentle and kind but fierce in battle.Is a marvelous healer and is respected by all the clan.(Gleamingnight)

Medicine Cat Apprentice~

- Handsome Blue-Gray Tom With Dark, Stormy-Grey Eyes. He's Just As Heartless As ShiverStar, And Would Do Anything His Leader Says. He Has No Desire To Kill EVERYONE, But He Will If They Get In The Way Of His Clan, Or Leader. Twolegs Took Him Away As A Kit, But He Escaped And Grew Up In The Forest. Eventually, He Came to RuneClan and Joined It.(Daymoon) MTW, SW, PBS

Crookedstep- Gorgeous white she-cat with jet black paws and bright leaf-green eyes.In an accident when she was an apprentice,she slipped in the stream and broke her paw,but it healed badly so she walks with a limp.Shes VERY,very shy around everyone and doesnt have many friends due to the fact that everyone thinks she is a freak because of her limp.Despite her limp she is a loyal and proud warrior who is SECRETLY in love with Twistedvine.She doesnt have the heart to tell him though....(Gleamingnight) MTW, SW

BloodyRose- Pretty Pitch Black She-calico With Golden Brown & White Patches Around Her Face,Paws,Tail & Muzzle.Loyal,Truthful,Sweet & Caring.Loves To Help Outside Of The Camp And Day Dreams Most Of The Day.(Spiningleaf)

ScreechingSquirrel- An auburn colored she-cat with brown eyes with a long bushy tail. She screeches like a squirrel.(Sprinklepaw)

IvyBlaze-A shadow coloured tom-cat with dark almost green looking splotches and wild green eyes.Quiet and determined to serve his clan no matter what the cost.He barely ever talks but when he does,his voice is no more than a whisper.(Gleamingnight)

Inu- Handsome Creamy-Brown, Black & Smokey Grey Tom With Amber Eyes. He Has A White Chest And Paws. Very Odd And Silly, He Always Smells Like All Of The Clans Combined. He Likes To Watch The Wolves, And He's Learned To Bark And Howl Like A Wolf, Too.(Daymoon) PBS

Kits~ Twilightkit- Devious silver tabby tom with ocean-blue eyes. Very clever and mischevious, he absolutely LOVES playing pranks on Warriors and ShiverStar. He can be serious at times, but usually isn't. A lot of cats think of TwistedVine when they see him. Rumors about him say that CrookedStep is his mom, and TwistedVine is his father. (Daymoon) PBS


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jayflight234 Thread Subject 0 Nov 17 2012, 8:20 AM EST by jayflight234
Thread started: Nov 17 2012, 8:20 AM EST  Watch
I'm Jayflight,i'm light gray with slightly darker tabby stripes.I have a white underbelly,with white mitten paws.I'm blind with blue eyes and i hope to become the Medicine Cat Apprentice.I have a blue paw with sheathed claws(Rank Apprentice).
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Raverheart365 complicated :/ 0 Dec 13 2011, 3:22 PM EST by Raverheart365
Thread started: Dec 13 2011, 3:22 PM EST  Watch
Im DarkCherry And im black/with gray and wite stripes on tail a striped face a purplepaw with claws unsheathed (rank warrior) And i have a big scar on shoulder with black toes and white and gray dappled paws. :3
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Shineleaf Joining 0 Feb 8 2011, 1:28 PM EST by Shineleaf
Thread started: Feb 8 2011, 1:28 PM EST  Watch
Shinekit-Dark Gray,Almost Black Kit And Loves Stargazing And Moontelling.Her Mother And Father Were From The Times Of The Flowertrees Cats.Jade Green Eyes.Black Spot(That Represents My Rank)On Shoulder.
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